Aloe Vera Tenerife

Aloe Vera Tenerife, originally from Africa, is nowadays widespread throughout the world. Since ancient times it has been known for its medicinal properties, especially for skin healing, such as natural disinfection, antiallergic and antiseptic. It excellently treats burns, dermatitis, acne, increases immunity and improves metabolism.

Aloe Vera Tenerife

Growing Aloe Vera Tenerife

It needs a lot of sunny days, minimum rainfall, wind and temperatures above 12° C. All Canary Islands provide ideal conditions for its cultivation. The excellent local climate is suitably complemented by light mineral-rich volcanic soils, so Aloe Vera grown on the Canary Islands has a very high concentration of active substances. In particular, Aloe Vera Barbadiensis is grown here, because, among the 400-known species, Aloe has the highest content of medicinal substances.

Aloe vera canary islands

Processing in bio-quality

Most local processors use pure Aloe Vera juice extracted manually directly from the leaves of the plant, not from the concentrates. This ensures that all the medicinal properties of Aloe are maintained after processing. Organic cultivation along with delicate handling and unique recipe guarantees exceptional quality of Aloe products from the Canary Islands.

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