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Canary cheese

Cheese is very popular in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, up to 15 kg of cheese a year is consumed here on average per capita. Cheese cannot be missed at any celebration, and the Canarians in the Spanish cheese consumption chart undoubtedly lead. Are you curious why they like it so much?

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Canary sheep and goat cheese

Canary vegetation is particularly suited for breeding of smaller goats and sheep. Relatively low is cow breeding. The sheep and goat’s milk are then grazed on a wide range of delicious goats and sheep or combined cheeses.

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Kinds of Canary Cheese

According to different recipes, the cheeses are left to mature for a very long time and the longer they mature, the harder, drier and the more pronounced they are. We divide them by maturing time to:

Queso fresco – fresh cheeser

It is fresh white cheese, similar to our sheep’s cheese, but it is less dense and contains more whey

Queso Tierno – common cheese

matures for 8 to 20 days, and resembles Gouda’s consistency

Queso semicurado – half-matured cheese

develops for 20 to 60 days and is harder than Emmental

Queso curado – matured hard cheese

matures for 8 to 20 days, has a distinct taste and hardness is approaching Parmesan

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Where to buy Canary cheese on Tenerife?

Delicious cheese can be bought at most off supermarkets, cheese shops, and souvenir shops. ,,Queso Canario" is an excellent gift, together with Palmeros cigars, Malvasia wine or Honey rum are original holiday souvenir from the Canary Islands.

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