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Puro Palmero means the Cigar of La Palma. On the greenest of the Canary Islands, in the small town of Breña Alta, there is the oldest tobacco factory on the Canary Islands, tobacco plantations and several local producers of traditional hand-packed cigars. Masters of cigars blend the right tobacco blend from the various types of tobacco-Brazilian leaf delivers strength, Cuban flavour and Canary give scent for the cigar. Premium Canary Cigars Puro Palmero are among the world’s top.

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Interest in new crops

At the end of the 19th century, around 1870, interest in the most significant local agricultural export item – cochineal – fell, and there was a need to replace it with other crops. Reforming agriculture, investing in infrastructure, roads and harbours and experimenting with new crops such as cotton, coffee, rubber, sugar cane, bananas, tomatoes and tobacco was taking place then. Experienced farmers were searched for and invited to the island.

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Tobacco production on the Canary Islands

Original Canary expatriates have returned from Cuba with tobacco growing experience, and they have established the first plantations. Tobacco growing was spreading, 30 years later it was already growing on almost all the islands. Subsequently, a massive tobacco industry emerges, most of the production focuses on cigarettes. At La Palma, arise a tradition of handmade cigars that will spread to other islands. Canary cigars Puro Palmero from La Palma island has the most prestigious reputation. Nowadays, tobacco is grown only in La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria islands.

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Where can I buy Puro Palmero?

Cigars from La Palma can be bought at stalls and specialist shops. They are sold in various packaging – from one cigar to 50 pieces. They are an excellent gift and, together with local wine, goat cheese or honey rum, also an original holiday souvenir from the Canary Islands.

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