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Paragliding Tenerife

Paragliding Tenerife provides conditions for quality thermal flying, especially from October to April, when it is cold, muddy, dark and dirty weather in our country. Treat your paragliding soul by escaping to the largest of the Canary Islands. A sufficient number of flight terrains, pleasant weather, the possibility of sea bathing and a developed tourist infrastructure will provide you with plenty of enjoyable experiences. See a description of the best flight terrain, their Google coordinates, and wind forecast.


Masca in Tenerife

When going for excursions to the natural beauties of Tenerife, we certainly have to visit Masca – a village hidden in the steep banks. The settlement lying in the deep ravine is made available in a whirling way full of serpentines. We can find an ethnographic museum, a restaurant, a café and fantastic panoramas. Read More...

El Médano windsurfing

Near the Tenerife-sur airport under the Red Mountain (Montaña Rocha) is the town of El Medano windsurfing paradise. It is well-known for its famous beach suitable for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Thanks to the local microclimate, the breeze is ideal for sailing almost all year round. World Cup competitions in windsurfing are held here on a regular basis, and sportsmen from all over Europe fly for a sports holiday all year round. Read More...

Paragliding Taucho

It’s a sunny morning, good weather forecast and we are just drinking coffee after an excellent breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

 Our 5-member paragliding team will soon separate from beach group (wives, children and girlfriends), and we will go ahead to fly in December thermal to the fabulous paragliding Taucho takeoff point.

 We heard about an exceptional thermals over the bizarre rock mountains and the refreshing beer after landing on the beach during admiring views of beautiful girls in the bikini…

tenerife taucho landing


Paragliding Taucho landings

We are getting into the car, and we enter PLAYA DE LA ENRAMADA into the navigation. In a short time, we are parking near a stone beach – landing point. There are a high embankment, wind sleeves and the beach is large enough.

We will descend over the sea, and we can fly to the landing point from two sides according to wind direction. After landing, we will have a lunch in the C’queluche beach bar.

 We are satisfied, we enter GMOIL ADEJE into the navigation, and after a 10-minute drive, we are checking the second landing point in case if we do not reach the beach. There are several terrains where we can land, but also many barriers – fences, lamps and palms.

tenerife paragliding


How to get to Paragliding Taucho takeoff

 Each one of us still buys the bottle of water in the petrol station and full of expectations we enter the takeoff point PARAGLIDING PARK TENERIFE TAUCHO into the navigation.

 We are driving around the Trebol hypermarket, driving through the part of the town Adeje and we are rising through the serpentine road to Taucho.In 15 minutes we are making around the portable container with the title of VILLA CONTAINER on the right side. After about 200 m we are parking on the left side near the road in a small car park, and we are just in the place.

 We take out paragliders, and we change footwear from flip-flops to summer shoes. We are heading to the junction, then turning to the left down and about 200 m we are walking down the hill to the takeoff point, which is not seen until we reach the gate to its grounds.

paragliding taucho takeoff

Paragliding Taucho takeoff place

The takeoff point is quite spacy and partially covered by carpets. There are around 20 pilots, wind conditions are 2-3 m/s, and the yellow tandem paraglider is just taking off. He’s flying directly to the beach.

While we arrive at the place with carpets, another two paragliders are taking off.  One of them is flying to the left and hardly gaining altitude by soaring, and the second one is flying directly to landing.

There is another one taking off and about in one minute he is turning around thermal. For 10 minutes he gained an altitude of about 100 meters, and everyone is excited to unfasten the wings.

 All 20 paragliders are gradually taking off, and it’s our turn. Jarka – the girlfriend of Rado is leaving us and taking a car, we are getting dressed in the burning sun and preparing to take off.

Gaining height over the ridge

Dressed up in the overall and helmet attached, I’m sweating and waiting for a gust of wind. The winding sleeve is getting tighten in the right direction; there is the right moment to unfasten from ground worries.

I’m pulling the A-lines, lifting the wing, checking the wing by a look and after three steps forward I’m taking off. Immediately I’m turning to the left over rock gorge next to the takeoff point, and by soaring along the slope, I’m trying to gain altitude.

 After 300 meters, the slope passes into a deep gorge, and if I continue, so I could fly into the lee, but I’m turning back over the canyon. Approximately in the half of turning back, I suddenly feel the hit and the variometer beeps, I flew into a small climb air current about 10 meters over the terrain.

 Despite the little altitude, I’m slaloming, and along the hot, almost vertical wall I’m gaining the altitude of 3m/s. I’m trying to turn, but climb air current is only next to the slope, so I continue slaloming. I rise about 10 meters over the top and then turning in a little altitude over the ruin of the house; however, the climb is directed to the plateau, I’m slightly leaving it.

I’m soaring for a while over the ridge until I’m able to catch broken 2-meter climb. I’m starting to gain altitude. In 100 meters higher I’m losing it, although there are remaining 200 meters to the cloud base.

 I’m flying to the foreground, where I can see several paragliders turning together, and I’m joining them. Along with four paragliders, we are turning up to the cloud base of 1300 m. Finally, I can relax and enjoy those beautiful views.

Deciding right fly route

From above I’m observing the takeoff point, arriving cars with pilots and I’m looking at my mates. I can see Ľuboš turning a short distance from me. Rado is calling into the transmitter inviting us to jump over the table mountain of Roque de Conde.

Peter with Joseph is still at the takeoff point. I think whether to fly to the table mountain along the slope or to gradually jump in a long way over cragged rock cliffs over Ifonche and Barranco inferno like Rado is flying, or to gain altitude and make a big direct jump over the foreground.

 taucho fly

Fly into the cloud

While thinking, I’m alone centring a gentle climb of 3 m/s over which is the cloud itself. In a short distance under the cloud base of 1300 m, when I should leave the climb, so I have an idea not to leave it and go through the cloud.

 I check compass, the west is against the wind, and I’m entering the white fog. I’m still climbing for 100 m and then crumbling thermal starts to shake the wing a little when climbing persistently leaves and comes back. After a while, I do not like it, and I’m heading to the west. White fog gets clearer and I’m flying out of the cloud with the altitude of almost 1500 m.

The clouds are over, below and next to each other on the left side and the right side are shined towns by the sun, sea and in front of me is rising the table mountain of Roque del Conde. It looks amazing.

tenerife taucho fly

The jump is complicated

I’m about to jump, I am flying with the throttle at a half speed directly to the table mountain, and I’m observing my mates. After a while, I can see Ľubo with Rado turning the climb together at a distance near the ridge.

The Rado’s new orange wing is usually eye-catching, but today there are flying about five new orange paragliders. Peter and Josep also took off and called into the transmitter that is operating to us.

 I calmly cut of the way of several kilometres to the table mountain, when suddenly the wing overtakes me and the variometer starts to beep extremely. I’m going down in the sink of 5 m/s, I’m pressing the accelerator on full speed and flying out of the sink, but I lost 150 meters in altitude.

 In a while, I’m catching another sink, and next 100 meters are away. My well-being has gone, and the fight is starting. If I do not pass another sink, then I will reach the table mountain in miserable altitude.

 If I sink more, then I will not reach it at all. I’m checking the terrain below the hill for landing, but it looks brutal. I would not like to land there, so I will not instead fly there without adequate altitude reserve.

I’m over a small ridge near the village of Fañabe, and I can see here right places to land. I still have a little of the altitude, so I will try to catch some meters by zigzag flying along the ridge.

 After the sixth crossing over the ridge, I slowly pull out the chassis, when in the altitude of about 100 m I can catch a nice climb of 2 m/s. As I was reconciling to land, I will uncompromisingly burst it, and I will not let it go. It gradually increases up to 4,5 m/s, and after a while, I have the cloud base of 1420 m.

roque del Conde paragliding

Paragliding Taucho-mission accomplished

I’m saved and grateful to the climb of the day! I’m flying directly to the table mountain, and in five minutes I’m looking at it from above. I’m feeling euphoria, and I’m reporting the achieved goal into the transmitter.

 My mates also have a decent altitude near Ifonche, and they are going to the final jump to the mountain. Peter and Joseph are reporting into the transmitter that a while ago they reached the landing beach and they are going to do spirals and B-stalls over the sea.

 Ľubo and Rado are reaching the side of the table mountain right now, and along the vertical scarp, they are climbing to me in a wild thermal. I can see like almost the half of the Ľubo’s wing is flapping, but he continually continues turning.

From a safe altitude, I’m suffering a little, because I’m looking at them in substantial hot slope with a crosswind and I keep my fingers crossed for them. In a short time, they are rising from the side of the gorge, finishing the turn of the climb and then we all three are turning together under the cloud base.

 All of us are smiling, and we are talking via the transmitter that we will turn to another side of the ridge with direction to Los Gigantes. At the same time, Peter and Joseph call us to come for lunch to the beach bar, to swim in the sea and go for the second start in the afternoon.

However, this is paragliding sin – to leave the cloud base in such right conditions, but we are going to stay here 12 days so that we can sin. At the end of the nice flight, we can try to do stunt flying over the sea.

Bahia del Dique beach

Paragliding Taucho-landing on the beach

We are heading to the beach, and we are gradually flying over the town of Adeje, highway and golf fields. We are flying in the formation and enjoying the view of the world from above.

On the way, we are still trying to turn climbs, but it’s not worth a lot. Over colourful hotels with pools, we are reaching the beach with the altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Our acrobatic moment has come.

We are flying over the sea and separating, so we are not close to each other, and I will do a full stall. I’m twisting controls on three turns around my wrist, and I’m braking. The wing is getting gathers, when it eventually breaks in the middle, pouring out and during thunderous beat of the skytex, I’m sinking into the depth.

The left ear is trying to tangle into the cords, so I’m slowly releasing controls, firstly the right part of the wing is regenerated and jumps forward. The left part is also blown, but I’m turning back about three negative turns. I entirely release controls, the wing fastens, and I immediately slows the overshoot, and I balance the flight.​

Immediately after balancing the flight by wingovers, I bestir the wing, and I’m passing into the spiral. The air is roaring, and I almost lose consciousness from centrifugal force, I release a slow, and I’m smoothly braking the released one.

Followed by a considerable overshoot, which I’m quickly breaking. From the overshoot I’m raising directly over the beach bar, I’m still going to have another big swinging turn and then landing on the sand in front of the bar.

 Bahia del Duque hotel

Paragliding Taucho flight celebration

Peter is bringing me the beer and helping with packing. Rado is landing and followed by Ľubo in a minute. Everyone is packing and enthusiastically talking about flight experiences.

 We are having a toast for anything, and the guys liked my acrobatic transition from the full stall into the negative turn and nobody believes me that it was not planned. I do not convince them…

 We are eating canary cheese and pork ribs, swimming in the sea and after the fifth beer we have a good time, we exaggerate, and I start believing that I wanted to do the negative… After the sixth beer, we know that in such state we should not fly today.

After all, tomorrow is another day with more paragliding spots to try out. . So – cheers and have a good thermals on friends!