Obsidian in Tenerife

Obsidian, so-called volcanic glass is a black mineral-like glass, but it is harder (scratches the glass). When properly cut, it can be inserted into the wooden tools as a sharp blade. The original Canarian inhabitants Guanches used it to make knives, shovels, arrows, scalpel and other cutting tools. Jewels for Guanche ladies were made of it. Continue reading

Canary potatoes

These are small Canary potatoes cooked in seawater or heavily salted water with a mild saline crystalline coating on the peel. Served as a side dish to Canarian food, they are delicious and small compared to our European ones. They are not incomprehensible, they are the original varieties of potatoes. Continue reading


Barraqiuto is a four-colour coffee, known all over Spain, but mainly spread in the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife and La Palma. Tenerife is called the capital of Barraquito coffee. It contains coffee, condensed milk and liqueur, so it refreshes, encourages and stimulates us. Being on Tenerife and not to try Barraquito is a sin and a missed chance. Continue reading

Paragliding spots Tenerife

The island of Tenerife provides conditions for quality thermal flying, especially from October to April, when it is cold, muddy, dark and dirty in our country. Treat your paragliding soul by escaping to the largest of the Canary Islands. A sufficient number of flight terrains, pleasant weather, the possibility of sea bathing and a developed tourist infrastructure will provide you with plenty of enjoyable experiences. See a description of the best flight terrain, their Google coordinates, and wind forecast. Continue reading

Mojo Rojo-red Canary sauce

Mojo Rojo is the most famous Canary sauce along with Mojo Verde. Red sauce is prepared from local hot red peppers – Pimenta Picona. Depending on the amount of added peppers, it achieves different hotness. According to the piquancy, there are two names – Mojo Rojo (“moxo roxo”) is translated as Red Sauce, and Mojo Picón (“moxo pikón”) is Hot Sauce. Continue reading

Malvasia – Queen of Wine on Tenerife

When wandering around the Canary Islands, do not miss the chance to taste the divine Malvasia wine. It is sweet and uplifting, after a few gulps, it will delight you in your body and spirit. You can try the Malvasia Testamento Barrica from Bodegas Cumbres Abona in Tenerife, awarded as the best Spanish wine in 2015, or any of the wide range of local Malvasias. Continue reading

Canary cigars Puro Palmero

Puro Palmero means the Cigar of La Palma. On the greenest of the Canary Islands, in the small town of Breña Alta, there is the oldest tobacco factory on the Canary Islands, tobacco plantations and several local producers of traditional hand-packed cigars. Masters of cigars blend the right tobacco blend from the various types of tobacco-Brazilian leaf delivers strength, Cuban flavour and Canary give scent for the cigar. Premium Canary Cigars are among the world’s top. Continue reading

Canary rums- Ron a Ron Miel

When wandering around the Canary Islands, you will definitely come across a sweet, delicious rum with honey – Ron Miel. It is one of the most popular souvenirs and produces more than 1.5 million litters a year. Served mainly as an aperitif or dessert for a delicious dinner. Did you know that rum and the Canary Islands have a common history? Continue reading

Canary sauce Mojo Verde

It is along with Mojo Rojo the most famous Canary sauce. It is tasty and easy to prepare. The coriander from which it is prepared causes a green colour. It is used as a supplement to Canarian food, especially fish and seafood, but it is also suitable for meat. According to taste, we can make the sauce more or less spicy, and coriander can be replaced with pertussis. Continue reading

Canary Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, originally from Africa, is nowadays widespread throughout the world. Since ancient times it has been known for its medicinal properties, especially for skin healing, such as natural disinfection, antiallergic and antiseptic. It excellently treats burns, dermatitis, acne, increases immunity and improves metabolism. Continue reading

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