Canary Gofio

Gofio Canario is the traditional food of the aboriginal inhabitants – Guanches. It is a flour of fried grains of wheat and maize with the addition of other cereals or legumes, such as barley, rye, oats, chicory, ordeal beans or beans. It has a high nutritional value and mineral content.

Production of Gofio

First, the cereals are selected at a suitable rate, then they are roasted, either together or separately. The good gofio is ground between the mill wheels and the slower the grinding process, the higher quality it is. At the end, a pinch of salt is added. Finished gofio resembles flour but is darker, depending on the grain used and the degree of grain roasting.

Gofio today

Today, gofio comes into fashion as a healthy cereal containing all the necessary nutrients. Since minerals and amino acids are found mainly in skins of cereals and legumes, the proper preparation of Gofia preserves all health benefits. We can buy it in supermarkets in the flour department as well as in specialised stores.

Take a taste of gofio

It is served most often for breakfast mixed with milk, yoghurt, fruit juice or wine. Honey, fruits or vegetables can be added to this mixture and prepared both in a sweet and savoury way. May be added to sauces, used instead of flour, there is even gofish ice cream.

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