Honey rum

When wandering around the Canary Islands, you will definitely come across a sweet, delicious Honey rum – Ron Miel. It is one of the most popular souvenirs and produces more than 1.5 million litters a year. Served mainly as an aperitif or dessert for a delicious dinner. Did you know that rum and the Canary Islands have a common history?

canary rum ron miel


Production of rum began with the cultivation of sugar cane, and it started to grow in the Canary Islands in the 15th century. Christopher Columbus, on the second voyage to America, also brought in sugar cane seed loaded on the Canary Islands. And the cane harvested in the Caribbean, the Antilles, and Cuba has begun to excel. It gradually expanded to every Caribbean island. And on each island, the world brand of rum began to produce. Caribbean rum has been so pretentious that it was used as a means of payment.

Canary rum sugar cane

 Canary sugar cane rebirth 

As the production of the cane in New World covered the demand for sugar in Old World, the Canary Islands replaced it with vineyards, and for several centuries it had disappeared from the fields. Its rebirth came with the reform of agriculture in 1870, when the exotic plants such as coffee, cotton, tobacco, tomato bananas and, of course, sugar cane began to grow in the Canary Islands.

Canary ron miel

 Canary rum – a predecessor of Honey rum

Along with the crops from New World and Caribbean, their growers and processors came too, and they have brought the Caribbean rum production technology that has been successfully tested by generations of sailors and pirates. Subsequently, several large and high-quality rum producers have emerged in the Canary Islands – Arehucas, Cocal, Guajiro, Cobana, Artemis etc.

honey rum tenerife

Canary rum types

Blanco (white) after distillation, it is filled into bottles

Dorado (golden) after distillation, it matures in oak or sherry casks

Añejo (one-year) after distillation, it matures in oak or cherry casks at least 1 year

Viejo (old) after distillation, it matures in oak or cherry casks at least 3 years

Reserva after distillation, it matures in oak or cherry casks 3 years and more

Canary honey rum

 Honey rum creation

The local consumer came with the idea to add honey and Canary rum Ron-Miel was created. At the beginning, honey was added in bars and taverns when served, later was added directly by the producers. The correct Ron Miel contains 2% of the selection honey.

Honey rum and his healing effect

In addition to improving your mood, Honey rum also has healing effects for sick, so don’t forget to wrap it in the luggage from the Canary Islands. Together with Malvasia wine, Palmeros cigars and Canary cheese, you will carry home purely Canary islands made souvenirs. 


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