Honey on Tenerife

Due to their specific plant and weather conditions, conditions for producing quality honey has been created on Tenerife. Local honey has a trademark of origin – Miel de Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest producer of miel on the Canary Islands. It has 600 registered beekeepers, and 60% of all production of all islands is produced in their 14,000 hives.

black bee

Canary Black Bee

The black bee (Aveja Negra Canaria) is the original, wild type of bee on the Canary Islands. Over time, she moved to hives and then cross-bred the imported species of bees from Italy and the Caucasus. This caused the original Aveja Negra Canaria to be on the verge of extinction today. The Government of the Canary Islands has therefore introduced a project to rescue the Black Bee that will take place on the territory with the largest occurrence of the original bee – La Palma Island.

honey tenerife

Types of honey from Tenerife

Miel de Tajinaste Honey from the Tajinaste plant with a delicate taste and light colour

Miel de Retama Made from Chamaecytisus grows at the height of about 1500m

Miel de Castaňo Chestnut made, dark and quite bitter

Miel de Aguacate Avocado made, very dark, with caramel flavour

Miel de Brezal Made from Winter heath, characteristic and robust flavour

Miel de Poleo Mint made with a mint aroma, excellent for tea

canary honey

Where can I buy honey from Tenerife?

Best at specialised stores of Miel de Tenerife association, regular local agro-markets, in souvenir shops. In El Sauzal, you can visit the permanent exhibition of honey and wine Casa de la Miel and participate in honey tasting associated with sales…

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