Malvasia Tenerife

When wandering around the Canary Islands, do not miss the chance to taste the divine Malvasia wine. It is sweet and uplifting, after a few gulps, it will delight you in your body and spirit. You can try the Malvasia Testamento Barrica from Bodegas Cumbres Abona in Tenerife, awarded as the best Spanish wine in 2015, or any of the wide range of local Malvasias.

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Malvasia on Tenerife

Malvasia is one of the oldest known varieties of vines, grown in ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and almost all countries around the Mediterranean Sea. On the Canary Islands began to cultivate it in the 15th century – instead of the sugar cane, which has begun to work well in the new world of America.  The first vineyard in Tenerife was planted in 1497 by the Portuguese Fernando de Castro.

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The success of the Canary wine

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, excellent Canary wine was exported already to Madeira, England and Jerez in Spain. The wine achieved international success thanks to its high quality and exceptional flavour, but also for its convenient location. The Canary Islands were the trade juncture of sea routes, so exported wines easily reached almost the entire world know.

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Malvasia today

Today, there are three types of Malvasia are grown on Tenerife, mostly pink and white. The main cultivation sites are Anaga, Tegueste, Los Realejos and Valle de Guimar. Local wines regularly receive awards not only in Spain but also in international wine competitions abroad. They continue with the successful tradition of Fernando de Castro begun, which was started in the fifteenth century…

Where to buy Malvasia wine on Tenerife?

Malvasia wine can be bought at specialist wine shops as Casa de vino, some souvenir shops, even at any supermarkets Malvasia is excellent gift and, together with Palmeros cigars, goat cheese or Honey rum, also an original holiday souvenir from the Canary Islands.ere...

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