Masca in Tenerife

When going for excursions to the natural beauties of Tenerife, we certainly have to visit Masca – a village hidden in the steep banks. The settlement lying in the deep ravine is made available in a whirling way full of serpentines. We can find an ethnographic museum, a restaurant, a café and fantastic panoramas.

masca in tenerife

Was Masca in Tenerife established by pirates?

According to legend, Masca in Tenerife has served as a secret pirate base in the past. If the demands of the pirate base were invisibility from the sea, inaccessible terrain and dense shipping, Masca was the right choice. But would they pull a heavy box with a plunder uphill through a steep canyon?

Masca excursion

Adventure Trip from Masca

A popular trip from Masca for efficient ones is about a three-hour hike to the sea, down through a steep canyon leading to a small beach. At the beach, enjoy a snack at the barbecue, snorkel, and take the boat to an impressive eight-hundred-meter-long reef to Los Gigantes, from which you have previously been taken by bus.

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