Obsidian Tenerife

Obsidian, so-called volcanic glass is black mineral-like glass, but it is harder (scratches the glass). When properly cut, it can be inserted into the wooden tools like a sharp blade. The original Canarian inhabitants Guanches used it to make knives, shovels, arrows, scalpel and other cutting tools. Jewels for Guanche ladies were made of it.

obsidian volcanic

Where to look for obsidian?

Obsidian can be found in walks through lava fields, we recognize it according to mirroring on the edges of volcanic rocks. The local Guanches have been gaining it in the places of his abundant occurrence, and even on Gran Canaria he even mined it using proper mining way La Montaña de Hogarzales.


The end of obsidian in Tenerife

In the 15th century, the Spaniards occupied the Canary Islands and brought metal tools with them. Steel swords, spears and arrows, as well as bronze cannons, have “successfully” used to wipe out the male part of the local population. Guanche women slaves then began using metal tools. This way ended the chapter of the use of obsidian as well as the original Guanche culture in the Canary Islands.

obsidian jewellery

Canary Obsidian at present

At current, obsidian is used to make jewellery, its magical black colour has allegedly protective effects. Depending on the direction of splitting, the two major colours may be black or grey. Tenerife Obsidian you can buy in jewellery or souvenir shops. Obsidian or Olivine jewel is an excellent gift and, along with Palmeros cigars, Goat cheese, Canary wine  or Honey rum, it is also an original souvenir from the Canary Islands.

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