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Paragliding Tenerife

Paragliding Tenerife provides conditions for quality thermal flying, especially from October to April, when it is cold, muddy, dark and dirty weather in our country. Treat your paragliding soul by escaping to the largest of the Canary Islands. A sufficient number of flight terrains, pleasant weather, the possibility of sea bathing and a developed tourist infrastructure will provide you with plenty of enjoyable experiences. See a description of the best flight terrain, their Google coordinates, and wind forecast.


paragliding tenerife Taucho


Taucho is the largest and most popular takeoff on Tenerife paragliding. It guarantees good thermal flying, the possibility of a start-beach flight, and the possibility of landing under the hill or on the beach. By car we get almost to the takeoff, the transfer from the main landing area takes 15 minutes and from the beach within 30 minutes.

paragliding tenerife over taucho

Taucho - Los Pinos

The Los Pinos takeoff is about 100m above the Taucho takeoff, is smaller and more technical, the protected canary pine hinders the start. The access road has a ramp, if it is closed, we must walk about 20 minutes to the Tenerife paragliding start point.

Tenerife paragliding landing



Ifonche is a comfortable takeoff on the ridge, suitable when in Taucho Paragliding Tenerife blows north-west from the right. On the ridge, there is a restaurant and several other places appropriate for the takeoff point. The journey from the landing point to the start takes about 40 minutes. We land on landing points as in Taucho if we do not arrive there, we can land on abandoned banana plantations by the village of Fañabe.

tenerife paragliding Taucho

Valle San Lorenzo-Jama

A small but comfortable takeoff for paragliding Tenerife with a high-quality thermic, suitable for the southern wind. Possibility to fly over the Ifonche and Taucho and landings on the west coast. A small technical landing point with a thermic is inappropriate for beginners.

Los Cristianos

In Los Cristianos, there is a takeoff is suitable for an evening flight from the slope accompanied by seagulls. We start from cliffs overlooking the sea, from which we can soaring or get out landing the beach. After a landing on the beach, we can refresh our bath in the sea or with a beer at the beach bar enjoying paragliding Tenerife experience.


We take off from a high cliff over Guimar, we fly from the slope and turn the thermal over the Guimar Valley. We can land on the beach in Puertito de Guimar or at a low technical landing point under the takeoff Guimar paragliding Tenerife.

izaña observatory tenerife


Izaña is the name of a mountain ridge 2200m above the sea where an observatory is built. From Izaña, the most frequent are flights north to Puerto de la Cruz, at a sporadic southern airflow even to the southern side of the ridge to the Valle de Guimar. There are a few takeoffs, the ascent takes an hour and more according to pace. Allegedly, it is possible to try thermal fly a few days a year in the so-called second and third thermal layers (the bases are usually 1500 m above sea level) with availability high above the ridge.

paragliding tenerife  izaña

Izaña North

Izaña Northern takeoff towards Puerto de la Cruz. It is usually downhill flight, sometimes crossing an inversion cloud and then passing over the slopes above the sea cliffs, landing on the pier, or the beach. It is not allowed to land on the beach unless it is early in the morning or in the afternoon when there are not many people on the beach. Otherwise, you have to be faster than an officer. Video from the flight in right conditions.

Puerto de la Cruz

On the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, we takeoff from a relatively large, but short technical takeoff, and we are pulling over sea cliffs and hotels. Inappropriate takeoff for beginners, especially in the low wind. We are landing at the takeoff or the pier in Puerto Cruz.

paragliding tenerife la corona

Mirador de La Corona

Well-designed technical takeoff at Icod de Los Vinos paragliding Tenerife. Sloping above the ridge and then thermal fly over the Orotava valley. You can land on a comfortable landing point under the takeoff or the beach Playa del Socorro.

El Tanque

Comfortable takeoff with a decent elevation under the terrace of the restaurant -Mirador de Lomo Molino near the village of El Tanque. We can be soaring over the ridge and rotate the thermals. We land on the beach of Caleta de Interlán.

Paragliding playa las teresitas

Playa Teresitas

Small takeoff is suitable for sloping along high cliffs over the large Teresitas beach with light sand from Sahara desert. Be careful when starting in the low wind. We're landing on the beach.

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